Joanna M Cameron

Hey! I’m Joanna

Who I am in a nutshell.  I am a life coach, licensed mental health therapist with a private practice, flight attendant for a major airline, author of Just Dream, mother of two, a divorcee, and now once again, a wife! I have experienced many life challenges to include, loss of job, losing both parents, and ultimately my first marriage, just to name a few.  In spite of the loss I have endured I have always managed to persevere in the end.  I know you can too!  I want to help you get to that place of thriving not just surviving.  It’s not as far away as you may think.

More about me...

I have learned from firsthand experience as well as the experiences of the countless number of women I have supported in my practice how to navigate through the difficulties experienced in this thing called LIFE. The many ups and downs have taught me the power to thrive begins with the willingness to write a new narrative. Just as I had to learn for myself, I teach my clients they can Be, Do, and Have anything they believe. I have discovered my skills as a therapist are an extra benefit to anyone I coach because I don’t focus only on the goals to be set but I help uncover and resolve the underlying issues that are potentially a hindrance to true growth.

While my focus may be empowering women who want to thrive in life and love, I am confident my coaching will be useful for any woman wanting to find their true self after experiencing any life transition. The underlying message is to thrive in life and that is a message that anyone can relate to.